Ways to Donate

Cash, usually in the form of a check, is the most common form for charitable gifts. Cash gifts enable you as a donor to claim a current income tax deduction as allowed by law. Actual savings from gifts of cash depend on your tax bracket. All checks are made payable to Carson Valley Arts Council with the words donation on the memo line of your check.

Mail checks to CVAC, 1572 US Hwy 395, Minden, NV 89423

Tangible Personal Property
Gifts of tangible personal property such as jewelry, artwork, collectibles, antiques, vehicles, and boats may be donated to the Carson Valley Arts Council. This type of gift must be evaluated individually by CVAC for suitability before being accepted. When accepted, the tangible personal property may be sold and all proceeds will go toward the Copeland Building Renovation fund.

Credit Card gifts
To make a gift via credit card you can call our office at 775-782-8207 and donate by phone.

Gifts in memory of/in honor of
Any gift may be designated in memory of, or in honor of, someone important in your life.

Your gift can be confidential

If you prefer to have gifts remain confidential, please let us know

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