About CVAC

Mission: To create a climate for the arts through the presentation and promotion of cultural and educational events for the Carson Valley Youth and community and the greater Western Nevada/Lake Tahoe Region.

Purpose: The purpose of the Carson Valley Arts Council shall be to create an environmentally healthy, multifunctional visual and performing arts center dedicated to presenting and promoting cultural events and providing educational and experiential opportunities in our community in the five disciplines: visual, literary, music, dance, and performance.

Incorporation Status: 501(c)3 Nevada nonprofit corporation

Membership: 114 individuals, families and businesses.

CVAC Volunteer Office Hours: Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm.  Closed Holidays

What is the Carson Valley Arts Council?

In partnership with businesses, schools, arts organizations and the community, CVAC actively works to bring artists, a diversity of art forms and audiences together in our rural community.  From concert series, youth programming, ArtBar, shared office space and meeting space for nonprofit organizations to a visual arts gallery, CVAC’s support of a breadth of public programs provides residents a rich quality of life which contributes to the health and diversity of Nevada’s economy and work force, increasing tourism, strengthening our community and fostering education through the arts.
Our vision… A culturally vibrant community united and inspired by the arts.
Our values…That we work together to strengthen the environment for artists and arts organizations to accomplish this vision.
Our outcome… To enrich the lives of the community through leadership that preserves, supports, strengthens and makes excellence in the arts accessible to all.
Our mission…To create and manage a multifunctional visual and performing arts center in Carson Valley to enhance the quality of life for the youth and community at large in the Western Nevada/Lake Tahoe region.

Our goals…

➢    Increase public access, participation and investment in the arts and culture
➢    Incorporate the arts as an essential element in the educational experience of all
➢    Strengthen the environment in which artists and arts organizations work
➢    Encourage and support diverse organizations that produce, present and promote excellence in all art forms.
➢    To renovate and rehabilitate the old Copeland building into a multifunctional visual and performing arts center and theater venue.

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