Why Donate

The Copeland Cultural Arts and Performing Center is designed for you…whether you are someone who craves a place to showcase your artistic work…someone who enjoys art in its many forms: exhibits, plays, dances, musical performances and other creative expressions…someone who appreciates having a place close to home to attend art classes or events, or to socialize with others who have similar interests…or someone who values a convenient community gathering place.

Pride in Our Community

The Copeland Cultural Arts and Performance Center was envisioned to fulfill community needs for a central arts and community gathering space. It will enhance the richness of community life, strengthen the educational environment, and increase opportunities for the arts as a vocation or fulfilling avocation.

The Copeland Center will be a centerpiece venue for the arts community, featuring a 300-seat auditorium, classrooms, studios, offices and exhibit spaces. Most of these areas will be multi-use and will be available for public and private meetings as well as social gatherings.

The Copeland Center will provide local nonprofit groups with a natural place to meet, host special events or socialize. Other individuals and groups will benefit from the Center’s locations and amenities for their gatherings as well.

Pride in Our Vision

The arts play an integral role in our community’s prosperity by:

  • Uniting community members through performances, exhibits, receptions, classes, forums and dialogue.
  • Providing well-coordinated, cooperatively-marketed, easily-accessible cultural offerings.
  • Expanding the opportunities Douglas County, the Carson Valley, the Douglas School District and the Carson Valley Arts Council already provide.
  • Embracing and enlightening community members from all walks of life, and of all ages — from seniors to preschoolers.
  • Rejuvenating a culturally significant community building and carrying its heritage as a community gathering place into the future
  • Making Douglas County a destination location and enhancing its reputation as one of Nevada’s leading rural communities.

Pride in Our Creativity

Douglas County is home to many artists. Visual and performing artists, writers and more have found Douglas County a comfortable place to live and work.

Pride in Our Heritage

The Copeland Cultural and Performing Arts Center is located at the gateway to historically significant downtown Minden, at the corner of First Street and County Road on US Hwy 395.

Pride in Building Our Community

The idea for an Arts Center in Douglas County first surfaced in 2000. The campaign to fund it began in earnest in 2004, when the Carson Valley Arts Council was formed to determine the feasibility of establishing such a center and locating the optimum place. Plans evolved with the input of community members working together to make this community vision a reality and the purchase in 2008 of the old Copeland Lumber building, a historic landmark in Minden, Nevada.

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